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TrueFill University - Session 7 - Real Time Invoicing

December 15, 2021

TrueFill University - Session 7

Real Time Invoicing

As the Jeremy Maguire line goes - SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Welcome to TrueFill University Course #7 - Invoicing. Why is it so difficult? Why does every other industry invoice in real time, at point of sale / service? We've always asked the same questions, so we fixed it. Introducing real time invoicing. We don't stop there. We also guarantee accuracy. The faster you invoice the faster you get paid. The faster the customer gets their invoice the more satisfied they are.

Here's how it works. We know the agreed upon price (OPIS +/-, flat PPG, or any benchmark), we know where it got picked up, we know what type of fuel, we know where it got dropped off, we know how much was delivered, and we know what taxes to charge (thanks Avalara). With all that information, immediately upon delivery, we generate an invoice (2.8 seconds). Both the buyer and supplier have a copy and the payment can be made. Simple.

If you want to learn more about how we can help improve cash flow and drive more satisfied customers through real time invoicing, please reach out as we would love to connect.

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