Universal Dispatch

A unified dispatch experience. Monitor, create, track and manage the sites, orders and deliveries - regardless of who delivers.

See Everything - Everywhere

TrueFIll on different media
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Demand capture

Monitor site details and tank levels real time + take action to service those sites.

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Real Time Visibility  -  Trucks and Drivers

Track order / delivery status real time with no truck hardware required.

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BOL Matching + Exception Management

Match what was ordered, dispatched and picked up to what was delivered. Match - Yes / No - move through or review.

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Real Time Invoicing Capabilities

TFX has the order parameters and pricing. Great. Create the invoice upon completion of delivery.

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Delivery Forecasting - Otto

Automatic delivery and order creation for up to 30 days based on historical utilization and data.

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TFX is an information hub that connects and talks to 3rd party services and applications

Digital Workflow

The ultimate goal for dispatchers is to move to a fully automated, 100% digital workflow for all orders, deliveries, reconciliation and invoicing. The driving mechanism will be a centralized connection point that brings everything together.

Universal Dispatch Workflow

Some Cool Stats

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Source for Data

From locations, to orders, to invoices, to usage, to delivery tracking, all of that data lives in our platform, regardless of how many other services you use.


% Invoice Accuracy

Your invoice will always be right so you'll get paid faster and eliminate credits and rebills + your customers will be happier.


No Touch Dispatch

If we know what the site needs, when it needs it, where to get it and who's available to deliver it, why not just auto-create the order? That's where we're going.


Six Month ROI

Our typical customer starts to recognize a ROI within six months of going live.