TFX University

The learning and development hub that walks through the functionality of the different modules using short and easily digestible videos.

These short, easy to digest snippets explain how the modules automate ordering and dispatch processes, ensure accurate billing, and improve customer satisfaction.


The ultimate goal for downstream fuel and logistics companies is to move to a fully automated, 100% digital workflow for all orders, deliveries, reconciliation and invoicing. The driving mechanism will be a centralized connection point that brings everything together.


The ordering module brings the traditional on-line buying process to the fuel space. You know what you want, how much you want and when you need it. Great. Open the desktop or mobile application, choose the location, type of fuel, punch in the quantity and hit submit. Boom. You’re done and the delivery is now being scheduled.

Dispatch & Delivery

A fully integrated, end to end solution, from site and tank monitoring, auto order creation, scheduling and dispatching to delivery confirmation, BOL reconciliation and clean data getting pushed to the accounting system. In short, monitor, schedule, track and confirm.


Matching & Reconciliation

We call this the triangle of goodness. The platform knows what was ordered + scheduled, what was picked up and what was delivered. Great. If all three of those things match, push that information to the accounting system. If those things don't match, kick it out and have someone review to determine where the disconnect is.