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An Enterprise Fuel Procurement & Logistics Technology Platform

An automated process for ordering, dispatching, invoicing and reconciling. Plus much more.
TrueFill Inc. Exchange

Some of Our Most Popular Products

Buy Fuel

Need fuel? Great. Our TrueFill procurement model makes it easy to buy and manage fuel.

Universal Dispatch

Company owned trucks or utilizing 3rd party haulers, the workflow should be the same. So, we made it so.

Invoicing Module

Real time, 100% invoice accuracy. Full BOL reconciliation. We don't think we need to say much more about that.

Reconciliation Module

You have the BOL. The supplier drafted the account. Does it match what was delivered? We know immediately that it does or doesn't.

Integration Partners

Buy and Sell Fuel

Need fuel? Great. Sell fuel? Great. Our TrueFill marketplace makes it easy to buy and sell fuel.

Track Your Delivery

You can track your Uber. You can even track your pizza. But you can't track your load of fuel!? Until now.

Invoice Automation

Real time, 100% invoice accuracy. We don't think we need to say much more about that.

Real-time Settlement

A sneak peak in to what's coming next. Since the invoice is accurate then why not pay now with our settlement function?

TrueFill is an enterprise fuel procurement and logistics technology platform for buyers, suppliers, wholesalers and carriers. We're building an ecosystem with an API first approach to connect all parties involved in the transaction. We seamlessly move and display information for all to see. We take the complexity out of the workflow.

YES, Really, We Do!

Yep! We Even Made an App...

e Buyer Application Home Screen
Need Fuel

Dip test, tank monitors, quotes, spot buys or contracts, however you buy fuel is supported through TrueFill Exchange

Data Capture

Data capture at the terminal and at the delivery site allow for BOL matching and real time invoicing

Driver Workflow

Both the buyer and supplier can track deliveries real time and communicate directly with the driver for status updates and changes


TrueFill Universal Dispatch allows suppliers and drivers to manage all loads and make adjustments on the fly

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Leverage our managed services team to do the work for you. Call, email or text, tell us what you need, when and where, and we'll use our super cool tech to take care of it on your behalf. That easy!

Some Cool Stats


From quotes, to orders, to invoices, to usage, to delivery tracking, all of that data lives in our platform, regardless of how many suppliers you use.


Your invoice will ALWAYS be what you've agreed to pay. Our data shows 8 out of 10 invoices are incorrect. By preventing that problem we improve your bottom line.


If we know what the site needs, when it needs it, where to get it and who's available to deliver it, why not just auto-create the order? That's where we're going.


Our typical customer starts to recognize a ROI whitin six months of going live.

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