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TrueFill University - Session 6 - Electronic Proof of Delivery

November 18, 2021

TrueFill University - Session 6

Electronic Proof of Delivery

The delivery has happened. Why wait for paper proof that it happened? Why have paper be involved at all?

Welcome to TrueFill University Course #6 - Electronic proof of delivery. As we make our way through the workflow we've now arrived at delivery complete. The site was monitored, the order was scheduled, the load is on the way and now the delivery is complete. Legacy processes require on-site paperwork to be compiled and distributed, then manually entered in to a system before everyone is notified. That can take days or even weeks.

With our electronic proof of delivery all parties are notified immediately upon completion, with accompany documentation of what, where, when and how much + images of BOL and electronic signatures. Verification is complete and everyone moves on through their day. Easy as that.

If you want to learn more about how electronic proof of delivery can help you and your customers, reach out directly and we'll get a conversation started.

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