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TrueFill University - Session 5 - Visibility

November 3, 2021

TrueFill University - Session 5


Short but sweet this week. Visibility, visibility, visibility. Reactionary is the norm, but proactivity is the future.

Welcome to TrueFill University Course #5 - Visibility. What. Is. Happening. The norm today is phone calls, texts, emails and even faxes as it relates to the chain of communication between customers, wholesalers, jobbers, haulers, drivers and the back offices'. Did what was expected to happen actually happen? How do you know? Is there a central repository for all parts of the workflow where information can be viewed and acted on? Using real time data and information to make informed and pro-active decisions is how we drive value for our customers.

If you want to learn more about how we can help provide visibility through the entire workflow please reach out here as we would love to learn more about how you do things today.

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