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TrueFill University - Session 3 - Digital Order Entry

October 14, 2021

TrueFill University - Session 3

Digital Order Entry

Emails, phone calls and texts, who can keep up. Everything else in the world can be ordered on-line, and so should fuel. Buyers of fuel want simple and easy to use technology to manage their fuel programs. Suppliers of fuel should give their customers a digital experience.

Welcome to TrueFill University Course #3 - Digital Order Entry. Whether you're buying product or selling the product The ordering module brings the traditional on-line buying process to the fuel space. You know what you want, how much you want and when you need it. Great. Open the desktop or mobile application, choose the location, type of fuel, punch in the quantity and hit submit. Boom. You’re done, and the delivery is now being scheduled.

If you want to learn more about how we can help simplify order placement for you and your customers, let us know, and we're happy to schedule time to show you how easy it is.

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