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TrueFill University - Session 2 - Centralized Data Hub

September 30, 2021

TrueFill University - Session 2

Centralized Data Hub

Two places is one too many. Tank levels, buy decisions, scheduling orders, tracking drivers, BOL data and invoices often all reside in different systems. Wouldn't it be better if all that information was available in one place? Welcome to TrueFill University, Session 2 - why a centralized data hub matters.

The amount of work required to manage multiple systems and ensure they're all accurate and up to date equates to hundreds, if not thousands of man hours a week. The ever evolving and competitive nature of the fuel space demands that companies become more efficient and cost competitive. Technology is the best known way to do this. Whether TrueFill technology or something else, system reduction and manual process reduction is a must to compete in this environment.

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