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TrueFill University - An 11 Week "Series"

September 23, 2021

TrueFill University -

An 11 Week "Series"

Over the next 11 weeks we'll be sending out a brief email and video snippet about the core components of our platform and what value that drives for our customers. Most companies have workflows that are "good enough", but also have gaps that can be filled with better technology and improved processes. Because we're not an all or nothing solution you can always utilize one of our modules to help bridge those gaps.

The upcoming series will focus on specific functionality that may be useful for you, or not, you never know :) This week, we're starting with a brief description of our platform and a quick video that demonstrates what we do.

In short, the ultimate goal for downstream fuel and logistics companies is to move to a fully automated, 100% digital workflow for all orders, deliveries, reconciliation and invoicing. The driving mechanism will be a centralized connection point that brings everything together. We help you get there. Check out the video up top.

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