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TrueFill Announces TrueFill University

September 9, 2021

TrueFill Announces

TrueFill University

We have announced today the launch of our new online learning and development hub, dubbed “TrueFill University.”

The TrueFill site (www.truefill.com) will offer a comprehensive suite of training videos intended to inform fuel companies about what technology exists that can help their business transition into the digital frontier.

The short videos will outline and train on the numerous features of our Ordering, Dispatch + Delivery, Invoicing and Reconciliation modules. These short, easy to digest snippets explain how the modules automate ordering and dispatch processes, ensure accurate billing, and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, screenshots demonstrate how customers can utilize the technology to better manage their fuel requirements, costs, and processes.

We will also launch a new monthly webinar series, focused on a more in-depth learning experience for customers, as well as add videos to its Linkedin site, www.linkedin.com/company/truefill

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