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The Digital Transformation Continues

July 8, 2021

A bit self-serving, we realize, but the facts are the facts and the shift to digital is happening in the fuel logistics industry. It is real and happening quickly.

"In a major move to improve speed, efficiency and accuracy at weigh station inspection sites, Drivewyze has announced open enrollment for automated electronic e-Inspections at weigh stations in three participating states. Software activation is free for Drivewyze PreClear customers, and available through participating Drivewyze ELD partners."

Across the spectrum, and all parts of the workflow, digital tools are being built and implemented to help improve accuracy, speed and visibility. Which, in turn, should continue to drive costs down and improve margins.

Our question to you is, do you have a digital strategy?
If not and you would like to learn how we can help, please reach out as we welcome an opportunity to get a conversation started.

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