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About Us

At TrueFill, we are building the next generation fuel technology company.  But not in the usual way.  We are not fuel suppliers or carriers, traders or jobbers.  And we don’t buy or broker fuel.

What we are doing is creating some awesome technology that streamlines and automates the process of getting fuel ordered from the customer, lifted and loaded (wherever the product happens to be), delivered, and invoiced correctly.  Every time.

Real-Time Market Pricing

Our order management service leverages real-time market pricing data and captures demand when and where fuel is needed.  Whether a retail location, bulk plant, job site, marina, or some remote, out-of-way location (say, cell towers) – we have you covered.

Advance Dispatch Solution

TrueFill’s dispatch module does much more than your typical dispatch solution.  Sure, we allow suppliers to schedule deliveries, assign drivers and trucks, enable real-time communication between dispatcher and driver, providing route guidance – all the usual stuff.  

But we also allow dynamic re-routing, programmatic diversion management, and real-time data capture that allows both the supplier and customer to know when the fuel is going to arrive.  We folded rate of consumption into the scheduler to ensure retail locations don’t run out of product.  And we use geo-fencing data to calculate fees like demurrage – would you rather be told someone waited 2 hours without any way to validate or know exactly where the driver was and when she started to wait??

Delivery Exception Management

We built an exception management engine to ensure that buyers and suppliers alike can review every delivery before invoices are created and sent into what is often an ERP “sandstorm”.  BOL-to-invoice matching (real-time, not delayed in batches – this is the 21st century!) allows our users to make sure that every invoice can be matched back to a BOL.  

We ensure that BOL and actual quantity delivered are aligned.  Invoices delivered to an unknown address will not be processed until the buyer gives the green light.  And much more!  When creating this we asked ourselves one simple question:  Why try and fix something when we can prevent it from breaking in the first place.

Real-Time Invoices

Our invoice creation service creates real-time invoices, pulling together needed data from pricing and freight services, 3rd party tax engines (why would anyone ever try and do this in-house?), DOE data services, and the most robust data logging service we have seen (e.g. geo-fence/location data, timestamps, etc.) to create invoices that are never wrong.  Round trip takes approx. 3.7 seconds – which means the driver is not even back in the truck and invoices have already been created and sent.

Love to Solve Complex Problems

We are also a different kind of team.  We are business and technology leaders who love to solve complicated problems and bring years of experience building and leading Silicon Valley businesses.

We believe the market is about to go through real, tangible transformation we believe TrueFill will play a meaningful role.  Come check us out and see what we are up to!